Malware Protection

Protect your computer from Malware.

How can I protect against Malware?

If you truly want to protect your computer from malicious malware attacks then you’re going to need to install some third party Antivirus software. Sure, you can be vigilant and consciously try and stop would be attacks before they can do any damage but it only takes that one malicious file to sneak onto your system and then all hell can break loose.

Fortunately, there are a lot of applications out there that specialise in malware protection, identification and removal and below we’ve listed what we consider to be the best 10.

The Best Malware Protection Apps 2018

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Why is Malware Protection Important?

Like with any computer viruses, it’s important that you have adequate protection in place. Some viruses are created with the sole intention of inflicting as much misery as possible on the hapless operator and some are simply designed to spread. Then you have newer formats such as ramsomware which are created to extort money from the operator and the likes of Adware which has the sole intention of littering your user experience with adverts in the hope that you click one, buy something and line the pockets of the virus creator. Ultimately, however small the threat may be it’s important that your system is protected from all kinds of Malware. You might think an ad showing every now and again is insignificant but if a piece of Adware has been able to infect your system then it shows to whoever is watching that it is open to attack from other malware which could potentially do significantly more damage than showing a few ads.

The Latest Tools for Detection, Removal and Prevention

When it comes to malware protection, it most definitely pays to have the best tools at your disposal. For the sake of an extra few bucks a year it most definitely does not pay to choose a free solution or a paid solution from a lesser known provider. In truth, it’s all about how on the ball the software developers are with regards to detecting new viruses and malware and then putting out the definitions within their software repositories. Sure, pretty much every antivirus application out there will be able to protect against known viruses which were released last year but only software from a reputable, well known company will be able to detect newer viruses and have them patched in double quick time.

Are there any trials or free downloads?

Most of the malware protection applications we offer above come with a free trial. So, you can download the applications as normal, run the scanner for 30 days or so and then you have the option as to whether or not to upgrade. Of course, protection against viruses and malware needs to be an on-going thing and a quick scan and clean of your system as a one-time deal isn’t going to be adequate. The vendors know this so are more than happy to let you try before you buy. This is also a much better option than going with an entirely free provider as you can be sure that your software will be frequently updated with protection against the latest threats.

All apps offer :-

  • Virus Detection
  • Malware Protection
  • Trojan Horse Cleaning
  • Adware Removal
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Multi-OS Versions
  • Ransomware Blocking
  • Background Scanning
  • Live Updates
  • Spyware Blocking

I have Malware on my cell phone, how can I get rid of it?

All of the malware detection and removal tools we feature above come with mobile device versions that can protect your handset or tablet just like they do with your desktop or laptop computer. Most don’t charge an additional fee either and pretty much all come with both iOS and Android versions. Installing a scanner or removal tool such as the ones above is the only real way to be sure that your phone hasn’t contracted any known malware or viruses.

Is it only desktop and laptop computers at risk?

Unfortunately not, viruses designed specifically for Android or IOS are becoming more and more common. Whether it’s a traditional viruses which simply wants to replicate itself or it’s something much more sinister like ransomware or spyware, the threat is there and is very very real. You need to ask yourself would you rather pay a few bucks a year to know that your phone data is safe or would you rather run the risk?

Is Ransomware the same as Malware?

The term malware typically encompasses very type of malicious software that can be used to cause damage to your PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. This can be traditional computer viruses, adware popping up adverts on your computer, spyware logging what you’re typing/viewing and even trojan horses which are designed to open up your entire system for exploitation. Ransomware however it something different. Its sole aim is to render your device completely useless until you pay a fee to remove it. Essentially holding your device ransom, hence the name. The only way to protect against ransomware is to install a virus or malware scanner tool.

I already have an Antivirus tool, is it adequate?

It really depends on the software. If you’re running software distributed by one of the antivirus companies listed above and providing you’re keeping it up to date with live updates of the latest patterns and definitions, then yes it should be more than adequate when it comes to protection against the latest threats. However, if you’re running free software or some obscure app which hasn’t seen an update in numerous months/years then you’re putting your system and devices at risk.

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